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Lehighton, PA


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A Place of Peace

About your Hosts

Mark and Grace Clayton Welcome you to Lizard Creek Campground

“Who in their right mind would buy a campground? We get asked this question a lot by friends and family members alike. We know they're trying to be helpful. Heck, we even ask ourselves this question sometimes, but...”

Hosts: Mark, Grace and Ali

The madness started early in 2009 when Grace and Mark met. Both single, without kids, exiting the corporate world, but with a passion to live a life that means something. They met at a single's party, got to know each other and fell madly in love. It didn't take long before they were married in front of 250+ of their family and friends. Then leaving Boston, they began their search for a place to settle down, raise a family, earn a living and make a difference. It only took about four years of nomad existence before they found Blue Ridge Campground. They were immediately attracted to what the property had to offer: Two thousand feet of beautiful stocked creek, tall mature trees, open space for playing and 110 spacious RV sites. The campground was purchased mid 2015 and re-branded Lizard Creek Campground for the 2016 season. Running Lizard Creek gives them everything they've been looking for: a peaceful, rural setting where they are raising their daughter, Ali, run a family business together and invest in their local and global communities. Even though there was much to like about the property, they are spending the first several seasons rebuilding the infrastructure. Grace mentions that "60% of the septic lines have been replaced." "And there have been substantial improvements in the water and electric service," Mark adds. They installed wifi throughout the park in their first full season and added 2 rental units and plan to do a lot of grading and landscaping. “Owning and operating Lizard Creek Campground is perfect for us in using our practical skills yet a llowing us the people contact we desire," Mark reflects. Grace and Mark say they really appreciate the time it's taken to find this home. They've meet a lot of great friends along the way. They've also learned a lot about themselves, each other and life itself. They look forward to what the next few years hold. Grace adds, “Sure, it's going to be a great deal of work here but we're excited to be living the life we started planning when we met.” They envision a campground where "families" can come out to the country, spend quality time together, experience the local activities and attractions and see what nature has to offer along the Lizard Creek.

Mark and Grace invite you to stop by and experience Lizard Creek Campground for yourselves. Stop in, take a look around and if you like what you see, then pick out a spot and make a reservation for your next weekend getaway.