Lizard Creek Campground

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All guests/visitors must register at the store or office and pay a fee. The fees are $5 for day guests visiting between 10am and 10pm, and $7.50 for overnight guests. Overnight guests that stay past 11am the next morning, must also pay for a day pass.

Yes. We do not allow Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers or Mastiffs. Any pets that are aggressive or especially noisy will be asked to leave. We do have two pet friendly rentals. We do not allow any pets on tent sites, our full service cabins, travel trailer rental or safari tent.

Some. Most people for AT&T have full signal. Other cell phone carries signals vary from minimal to none. We have park wide wifi so if your phone carrier allows voice calls over wifi then that may work for you.

We strongly enforce quiet hours. Quiet hours run from 11pm to 9am. We ask that you keep voices to a conversational level after 9pm. At no time can your TV, radio, music, etc effect your neighbor's camping experience.

Fishing in Lizard Creek is great. We've seen many people catch nice stocked and wild trout. The PA DCNR stocks the stream twice a year. To fish in the creek you need to follow all PA fishing rules and regulation, including obtaining and displaying a valid fishing license. See the PA Fish and Boat Commission web site for details. Lizard Creek Campground does not charge any additional fees to fish.

2 adults, 3 children are included in the standard nightly rates. If you have a larger group than that, call and we'll discuss your requirements.

2 adults, 2 children. The cabins have one queen sided bed and a set of bunks for two.

Cancelations made at least 14 days prior to check-in will receive a full refund. Cancelations made 13-7 days prior to check-in will receive a credit towards a future stay. Cancelations made less than 7 days prior to check-in will receive no refund or credit.

Check-in is between 2pm and 9pm and check-out is before 11am. If you need to check-in or check-out outside of these times, please contact us about your needs and we can discuss them. Depending on availability there are additional charges applicable.

Lizard Creek Campground is a privately owned campground on private property. For many reasons, we need to know who is on the campground all all times. Every visitor that comes to the campground is one less camper for which we can take a reservation.

Yes, most RV sites and all the cabins have cable TV. You can see the channel line up here.

No, we don't allow putting an RV and a tent on one site. Most of our site are too small for this. We have plenty of sites so contact us and I'm sure we can find two adjacent sites for you. Also, we require at least one adult in each camping unit (tent, RV, cabin).

Yes. There is wifi throughout the campground. Upon arrival you will be issued two wifi access codes. These code once used on a device, are locked to that device and cannot be moved. Our Internet connection is limited. You will be able to send/receive email and browse web sites, but streaming movies/music or using a VPN will likely result in skips, buffering and dropped connections. Peer-to-peer connections are not allowed. Please refer to our Guest Wifi Acceptable Use Policy before using the service.

We sell bundles of firewood for $7.50 each. It's all seasoned hardwood and is roughly 1-1/2 cubic foot. You may bring your own firewood as long as it is from within PA and is not from one of the quarantined counties.

There is a coin operated laundry in the lower bathhouse. It has 2 washers and 2 dryers. They are suitable for doing small loads of laundry. The washers cost $1.25/load and the driers are $1.00/load. If you need to do large loads or very dirty laundry, there are several laundry mats close by that we can give you directions to. At times of heavy water and septic use, we will close the laundry to conserve our resources.

Taking care of the environment is very import to us. Sadly, there are no options for businesses in this area to dispose of recyclables. We will start recycling as soon as we can find someone who will take it. Please help us get recycling in the area by contacting your local representatives and ask them to pass legislation to better take care of our planet!

We're sorry to say we do do not have 20 or 30 lb propane bottle. Someday we might look into adding a filling station. If you need propane, please stop into the store and mention you need propane, there are a number of options in the immediate area to get bottles filled.

We have many sites that are side-by-side back in sites. We do not have any sites where two campers can face each other. Nor do we have any pull through sites where two campers can face each other. We cannot allow campers to pull in forward in a back-in site. The hookups would be on the wrong side and would cause tripping hazards so it is not allowed.

Company policies can change without notice.