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Lehighton, PA
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A Place of Peace

Trailhead Map

Map to Trail Head

Driving Directions:

  • Take a left out of the campground onto Rt 895 (W Lizard Creek Rd)
  • Drive ½ mile and turn left onto Lauchnor Road
  • Drive 2/10 mile and turn left onto Lauchnor Grove Ln (very rough dirt road that looks like a driveway)
  • Drive for 500 feet and turn left
  • The trailhead is on your right. Park in one of the spaces in front of the trailhead
Walking Directions to Trail Head

Walking Directions:

  • Step over the stone wall between sites 57 and 58 (refer to your campground map)
  • Follow the path to the creek
  • Look on the far side bank for a gap in the bushes
  • Cross the creek heading for the gap
  • Follow the path in front of you to the abandoned railroad bed and enjoy!
Map to Trail Head